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Exodus: The Journey Continues - Inside the Global Refugee Crisis (full documentary)

30 Aug 2023
A sequel to the award-winning 2016 documentary “Exodus,” this film tells the intimate stories of refugees and migrants fleeing poverty and violence and facing heightened nationalism and anti-immigrant sentiment. (Aired 2018)

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As far-right nationalism was on the rise, this two-hour documentary offered an unforgettable window into the human stories of refugees and migrants caught in Europe’s tightened borders.

“When we were back home, we’d talk about how peaceful and wonderful it would be in Europe, and that we’d live happily ever after,” said a young man named Azizzulah, who fled Afghanistan after his brother, who worked as a translator for the U.S. Army, was killed in a bombing. “But had I known that the way would be so difficult, I would have never come.”

As the wave of global migration and refugees continued and countries became less welcoming, “Exodus: The Journey Continues” provided an eye-opening look at the evolving situation, drawing on footage filmed by the refugees themselves. The documentary also followed several people featured in the 2016 “Exodus” documentary — including Sadiq, a young man from Afghanistan who was seeking asylum in Finland, and Isra’a, a young girl who fled Syria with her family and was let into Germany before Europe’s borders began to tighten.

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“Exodus: The Journey Continues” was a Keo Films production for WGBH/FRONTLINE and BBC. The director was James Bluemel. The senior producer was Dan Edge. The executive producers for Keo Films were Will Anderson and Andrew Palmer. The executive producer of FRONTLINE was Raney Aronson-Rath.

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Prologue - 00:00
From Afghanistan to Serbia - 1:04
An Afghan Family Stranded in Greece - 13:03
A Syrian Family Adjusts to Life in Germany - 21:10
Refugees and Migrants Stuck at the Serbia-Hungary Border - 33:00
An Afghan Mother Tries to Reach Germany - 38:08
An Iraqi Family in Limbo Due to U.S. Refugee Policies - 44:26
Life in a Refugee Camp in Greece - 56:10
An Afghan Who Fled Danger in His Home Country Seeks Asylum in Finland - 59:53
A Migrant from Guinea Attempts to Reach Spain - 1:12:13
Refugees Face Rising Anti-Immigrant Sentiment - 1:21:39
Anti-Refugee Sentiment Rises in Finland - 1:40:31
‘Send Them Home’: Right-Wing Nationalist Parties Ascend in Europe- 1:44:34
Credits - 1:51:56
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