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Afghanistan Undercover (full documentary)

10 Aug 2022
An undercover investigation from award-winning correspondent Ramita Navai reveals the Afghanistan the Taliban doesn’t want you to see.

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As the Taliban seized control of Afghanistan amid the U.S. withdrawal in August 2021, the hardline group promised it would respect women’s rights. One year later, “Afghanistan Undercover,” a new FRONTLINE documentary filmed on the ground in Afghanistan over the past year, uncovers a different — and harrowing — story.

“We found evidence of women jailed by the Taliban without trial and held in secret,” says Ramita Navai (“Syria Undercover,” “Iraq Uncovered”). “Of girls abducted from their homes and forcibly married. Of women living in hiding, and in fear for their lives, with those who speak out risking imprisonment.”

Get the full story on the Taliban’s crackdown on women in Afghanistan in the documentary, as Navai speaks with women who are being punished by the regime and confronts Taliban officials about what she’s found.

“Afghanistan Undercover” is a Quicksilver Media production for GBH/FRONTLINE in association with ITV. The producer and director is Karim Shah. The correspondent is Ramita Navai. The executive producers for Quicksilver Media are Eamonn Matthews and Ramita Navai. The executive producer and editor-in-chief for FRONTLINE is Raney Aronson-Rath.

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Prologue - 00:00
Afghanistan’s Missing Women - 1:27
Inside a Taliban Prison Holding Women - 7:14
An Underground Network of Women in Kabul - 12:40
Threatened with Arrest for Filming a Protest - 16:27
Female Afghan Activists Meet in Secret – 18:00
Young Women Imprisoned by Taliban Allege Abuse - 20:39
Investigating Claims of Forced Marriage - 24:30
The Taliban Crackdown on Afghan Media - 29:01
Inside the Ministry of Vice and Virtue - 35:11
A Hospital Treating Afghan Women in Abusive Marriages - 38:20
Taliban Captures Activists - 43:43
Interview With a Taliban Official - 45:54
Afghanistan on International Women’s Day – 48:33
Credits – 51:27
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