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American Patriot: Inside the Armed Uprising Against the Federal Government (documentary)

03 Mar 2021
This 2017 documentary investigates how the Bundy family’s fight against the federal government invigorated armed militias and “patriot” groups — helping them grow to levels not seen in decades.

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FRONTLINE goes inside the battle between the Bundy ranching family in the West and the federal government, examining how a simmering fight over land in Nevada and Oregon became deadly and invigorated a wider armed militia movement. What began as one family’s dispute with the government over grazing fees reinvigorated a national movement of self-styled militias and “Patriots.” They call themselves Oath Keepers, Constitutional Sheriffs, Three Percenters, sovereign citizens and while each group has its own cause, they rally under the same banner: opposition to what they see as federal overreach.

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