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Can You Afford to Retire? (full documentary)

17 Aug 2022
The baby boomer generation will be long on life expectancy but short on income. Amid vanishing pensions and faltering 401(k) plans, FRONTLINE investigates how middle-class Americans might fare in their retirement years. (Aired 2006)

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Two main strategies for funding retirement are lifetime pensions and 401(k)-style savings plans, but both are in trouble. Buffeted by pension cuts, corporate bankruptcies, and stock market crashes, most boomers can now expect to be working into their retirement years. In the 2006 documentary, Can Your Afford to Retire?, FRONTLINE correspondent Hedrick Smith investigates the financial crisis and what middle class Americans face in retirement.

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Prologue - 00:00
The Decline of Corporate Pensions - 01:03
How Company Bankruptcy Impacts Pensions - 06:22
The Pros & Cons of 401(k) Plans - 24:22
“Shifting From Lifetime Pensions to Lifetime Work” - 39:31
Credits - 53:05
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