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College Inc. (full documentary)

15 Jun 2022
FRONTLINE follows the money to uncover how Wall Street and a breed of for-profit universities transformed the way we think about college in America. (Aired 2010)

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In “College, Inc.,” correspondent Martin Smith investigates the promise and explosive growth of the for-profit higher education industry. Through interviews with school executives, government officials, admissions counselors, former students, and industry observers, the documentary explores the tension between the industry — which says it's helping an underserved student population obtain a quality education and marketable job skills — and critics who charge the for-profits with churning out worthless degrees that leave students with a mountain of debt. At the center of it all stands a vulnerable population of potential students, often working adults eager for a university degree to move up the career ladder.

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Prologue - 00:00
Wall Street and Higher Education - 00:52
The For-Profit University Business Model - 07:07
How For-Profit Colleges Sell Themselves - 16:27
What It Takes To Revive A Failing College - 27:08
Corinthian and Students in Debt - 34:01
Lobbying Against Tougher Regulations - 46:15
Credits - 52:34
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