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Endgame (full documentary)

28 Jun 2023
As the U.S. began a new effort to secure victory in the Iraq War through a “surge” of troops, FRONTLINE investigated how strategic and tactical mistakes had brought Iraq to civil war. (Aired 2007)

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In “Endgame,” filmmaker Michael Kirk and his team investigated how the early mandate to create the conditions for a quick exit of the American military from Iraq led to chaos, failure, and sectarian strife. The documentary traced why President George W. Bush decided to risk what military planners once warned could be the worst way to fight in Iraq — door-to-door — and assessed the likelihood of its success.

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Prologue - 00:00
After 2003 Iraq Invasion, U.S. Gov’t in ‘State of Denial’ About Insurgency - 01:11
In 2004, U.S. Implements New ‘Light Footprint’ Iraq War Strategy - 8:16
The Second Battle of Fallujah in 2004 - 16:49
Sunnis Boycott Iraq's 2005 Election -23:07
2006 Samarra Mosque Bombing and Sectarian Conflict in Iraq - 32:15
In 2006-07, Another U.S. Strategy Shift in Iraq - 41:08
Credits - 53:09
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