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Far-Right Group Was Preparing for "Day X" | "Germany's Neo-Nazis & the Far Right"

29 Jun 2021
Nordkreuz, a German far-right group, stockpiled weapons and prepped for violence. Its alleged leader wasn’t tried on terror charges. An excerpt from FRONTLINE's "Germany's Neo-Nazis & the Far Right."

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“If you had an Islamist, a jihadi, doing the same thing, he would go to jail,” journalist Dirk Laabs tells FRONTLINE's Evan Williams of Nordkreuz's alleged leader.

The documentary includes photos found on a hard drive obtained by investigative journalist Dirk Laabs, showing members of the secret group of soldiers, police and civilians practicing military maneuvers and believed to be preparing for something they called Day X: a future moment when the German state would collapse in chaos, and the far right could step in and take control.

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The documentary, which explores the rise of far-right and neo-Nazi violence in modern-day Germany and whether authorities are doing enough to stop it, is supported by "Exploring Hate," a multiplatform public media initiative from The WNET Group in New York aimed at offering an in-depth understanding of the rising tide of hatred, hate crimes, antisemitism and racism.

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