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Football High (full documentary)

31 Aug 2022
Corporate sponsorships, nationally televised games, minute-by-minute coverage online — for players, parents and coaches, high school football in the 21st century had become a national phenomenon. But was enough being done to ensure players' safety as the intensity of the sport ratcheted up? (Aired 2011)

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As high school players grew bigger, faster and stronger, concerns were increasing about the health and safety of these young players — with rising rates of concussions, career-ending injuries, even death. FRONTLINE centered its investigation in Arkansas, where two players collapsed from heatstroke while practicing during one of the hottest summers on record. The players were placed in the same intensive care unit in Little Rock, both having suffered extensive damage to their internal organs.

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Prologue - 00:00
High School Football Injuries on the Rise - 01:04
Concussions in High School Football - 13:50
How Training for High School Athletes Has Changed - 20:30
Wear-and-Tear of Football on the Brain - 28:27
No One Should Die of Heatstroke - 37:27
Under Pressure to Win - 45:15
Credits - 51:57
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