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Lost In Detention During The Obama Administration (full documentary)

07 Jun 2023
FRONTLINE investigated complaints of abuse and harsh treatment as detentions and deportations of undocumented immigrants reached record levels during former President Barack Obama’s first term. (Aired Oct. 18, 2011)

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By the time this documentary premiered, more than one million immigrants had been deported under the Obama administration and critics charged that families were unfairly separated after being caught in a nationwide dragnet. Correspondent Maria Hinojosa investigated President Obama’s enforcement strategies and journeyed into the secretive world of immigrant detention, with a penetrating look at who was being detained and what was happening to them.

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Prologue - 00:00
How President Obama Stepped Up Immigration Enforcement & Deportation in His First Term - 1:27
An Examination of Secure Communities, a Federal Immigration Enforcement Program - 9:44
Former Detainees Allege Abuse in Immigration Detention Centers During Obama Administration - 23:46
What Happened to Hopes for Comprehensive Immigration Reform - 41:31
Credits - 51:55
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