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Maria Ressa, Duterte & The Fight for the Free Press (podcast)

16 Jun 2020
Days before an expected verdict in her trial, Philippine journalist Maria Ressa speaks out about reporting on President Rodrigo Duterte’s brutal drug war — and then becoming a high-profile target of his government’s crackdown on the press.

As she faces potential prison time on cyber libel charges, the co-founder and CEO of the independent Philippine news site Rappler tells FRONTLINE how she’s preparing, discusses her reporting on Duterte, and says that her conviction about what she does is undaunted: “All it has done is to make us stronger in our intent to continue to hold government to account…”

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For more on Duterte’s drug war, watch "On the President’s Orders," available on YouTube here:

And for more from Ressa, read FRONTLINE’s interview with her for "The Facebook Dilemma," in which she discusses her reporting on how Duterte weaponized the platform to target his critics and spread disinformation.


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