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Muslims Held in China’s Detention Camps Speak Out | "China Undercover"

07 Apr 2020
“If you exceeded two minutes in the toilet, they hit our heads with an electric prod,” Gulzira, who was detained for 17 months, tells FRONTLINE.

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An estimated two million Uyghur and other Muslims have been detained without trial by China’s government over the past three years, in what has been described as the largest mass incarceration of an ethnic group since the Holocaust.

Two Kazakh Muslim women who were held in China's detention camps speak out in the FRONTLINE documentary "China Undercover," offering rare firsthand accounts of life inside the camps.

“You were like a zombie in the camp, like someone who had lost their mind,” Rahima, who was held for a year and recalls being beaten and shouted at, tells FRONTLINE in the above clip. “You just think about being released and dream of that moment.”

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China’s government says that “requirements on respecting and safeguarding human rights are strictly followed, the dignity of the trainees are fully respected, and insults and cruelties of any form are strictly prohibited” — and that it has now released everyone being detained in the camps.

But as "China Undercover" explores, family members of believed to have been held in the detention camps are still waiting to be reunited with their loved ones.

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