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Rape on the Night Shift (full documentary)

22 Jun 2022
Every night, as most of us head home, janitors across America, many of them women, begin their night shift. They are often alone or isolated in empty buildings — and vulnerable to sexual violence. (Aired 2018)

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Following up on the award-winning collaboration that produced “Rape in the Fields/Violación de un Sueño” in 2013, FRONTLINE, Univision, the Investigative Reporting Program (IRP) at UC Berkeley, Reveal from The Center for Investigative Reporting (CIR) and KQED teamed up to uncover the sexual abuse of immigrant women, often undocumented, who clean the malls where we shop, the banks where we do business and the offices where we work. Drawing on interviews with the women themselves, an attorney for the federal agency that enforces sexual harassment laws in the workplace and a watchdog group that monitors workplace conditions for janitors, the investigation sheds light on an underreported problem — and reveals how employers have fallen short in dealing with it.

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Prologue - 00:00
Danger on the Night Shift - 01:13
When Companies Investigate Sexual Assault - 21:46
Legislation to Curb Sexual Harassment - 44:54
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