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Russian Artist Jailed After Posting Stickers Opposing Ukraine War | Putin's War at Home

01 Nov 2022
In St. Petersburg, Russia, an artist named Sasha was jailed after posting stickers opposing the Ukraine war in a grocery store — and could spend up to a decade in prison. Her partner speaks out in an excerpt from the new documentary “Putin’s War at Home.”

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“We realized it was impossible to stay silent,” the artist's partner says in the above excerpt. “Nobody could have imagined that such events would begin at the end of February and political repression would unfold so widely in our country.”  

The excerpt details the circumstances that led to Sasha's arrest. She has been in jail awaiting trial ever since — and if convicted of spreading false information about the Russian armed forces, she faces up to ten years in prison. In footage of her courtroom appearances that appears later in the full documentary, Sasha is shown in a cage.

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