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TB Silent Killer (full documentary)

17 May 2023
Tuberculosis was once thought of as a disease of the past. But this 2014 documentary chronicled how new, multi-drug-resistant strains were devastating the lives of people in Swaziland, the country with the world’s highest incidence of TB at the time. (Aired 2014)

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When the documentary aired, tuberculosis — passed simply by a cough or a sneeze — had become the second leading cause of death from an infectious disease on the planet, and new, multi-drug-resistant variants were on the rise. With startling intimacy and emotion, “TB Silent Killer” delivered an unforgettable portrait of patients, family members and medical workers who let FRONTLINE into their lives to shed light on a new epidemic of a very old disease.

“TB Silent Killer” was a True Vision production for WGBH/FRONTLINE and the BBC. The producer and director was Jezza Neumann. The producer was Rebecca Stewart. Clare Paterson was the executive producer for the BBC. The executive producer for True Vision was Brian Woods. The deputy executive producer of FRONTLINE was Raney Aronson-Rath. The executive producer of FRONTLINE was David Fanning.

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Prologue - 00:00
Multi-Drug-Resistant TB: A Dreaded Diagnosis - 01:33
Starting Treatment for Multi-Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis - 18:25
Life in a Tuberculosis Hospital - 30:20
The Threat of XDR-TB: Extensively Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis - 48:46
Fighting to Survive Tuberculosis - 1:08:04
Credits - 1:21:56
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