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Terror in Europe: Investigating the 2015-16 Wave of Deadly Attacks (full documentary)

08 Mar 2023
After a wave of terror attacks in Europe that began in 2015, FRONTLINE and ProPublica examined the missteps and systemic breakdowns that allowed known terrorists to strike Paris and Brussels. (Aired 2016)

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In January 2015, attacks on a French satirical magazine office and a Jewish supermarket in Paris left 17 people dead. That November, attacks on multiple targets in Paris killed 130 people. Four months later, suicide bombings killed 32 people in Brussels.

In the 2016 documentary “Terror in Europe,” FRONTLINE and ProPublica examined whether these attacks by terrorists linked to Al Qaeda and ISIS could have been prevented and why Europe remained vulnerable to the terrorism threat.

Years before the attacks in Europe, ProPublica senior reporter Sebastian Rotella was already reporting on some of the jihadists who would go on to commit them and the counter-terror officials trying to stop them. In unusually candid interviews, European counter-terror veterans told Rotella how the attackers had escaped detection and how European countries had failed to put in place effective intelligence sharing and border enforcement in the lead-up to the attacks.

“Terror in Europe” is a FRONTLINE Production with Mongoose Pictures in partnership with ProPublica. The producer and director is Ricardo Pollack. The correspondent is Sebastian Rotella. The senior producer is Dan Edge. The executive producer of FRONTLINE is Raney Aronson-Rath.

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Prologue - 00:00
A Wave of Terror Attacks in Europe - 1:11
From Petty Criminals to Extremists Joining Al Qaeda or ISIS - 5:29
Networks of Terror in Europe - 22:43
Most Suspected Plotters of November 2015 Paris Attacks Already Known to Authorities - 36:30
Credits - 51:58
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