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The Last Call (full film)

12 Jun 2020
A story of a family devastated by NYC’s COVID-19 outbreak and how the highly infectious disease has upended the ways loved ones connect — and say goodbye.

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First, her daughter spiked a fever. Then, her aunt was rushed to the hospital. As illness swept through Jessica Caro’s family in the early weeks of New York’s coronavirus pandemic, she and her mother confided in and supported one another through calls and texts. Then her mom developed a cough.

“The Last Call,” from FRONTLINE and The New Yorker, was produced during reporting for FRONTLINE’s documentary “The Virus: What Went Wrong” — premiering Tues., June 16. Stream it on the PBS Video App or YouTube, or check local PBS listings. More here: https://to.pbs.org/2UyTD9U

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