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The Trouble with Antibiotics (full documentary)

15 Feb 2023
FRONTLINE investigated the widespread use of antibiotics in food animals and whether it was fueling the growing crisis of antibiotic resistance in people. (Aired 2014)

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In “The Trouble with Antibiotics,” correspondent David E. Hoffman traveled the country and examined new research out of Arizona, Pennsylvania and North Texas focusing on how antibiotics on the farm might be fueling a crisis of antibiotic resistance for humans. The documentary traced the history and controversy over antibiotics in agriculture, discovered gaps in basic data about how antibiotics are used on the farm — and raised questions about why that information did not exist.

“The Trouble with Antibiotics” is a FRONTLINE production with American University School of Communication’s Investigative Reporting Workshop. It is produced by Rick Young and Anthony Szulc. The correspondent is David E. Hoffman.

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Antibiotics in Agriculture: From Farm to Table? - 00:00
Antibiotic Resistance and the Environment - 08:15
An Early FDA Attempt to Reduce Use of Farm Antibiotics - 18:02
Farmers and Antibiotics: A Lack of Data - 26:18
Credits - 35:37
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