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The Virus That Shook the World: Part Two (full documentary)

27 Apr 2021
How the first year of the coronavirus pandemic unfolded, as seen through the eyes of people all across the world. Part two of a two-part series.

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Filmed in 21 countries and drawing on extensive personal and local footage, “The Virus That Shook the World” tells the story of people across the globe who have experienced the pandemic and its consequences in different ways — from a food blogger in Wuhan, China; to a filmmaker in a remote Indigenous village in Brazil; to a musician and puppeteer in Delhi, India.

From series director James Bluemel and series producer Alice Henley, the two-part special shows how the impacts of the disease that has now killed more than 3 million people have overlapped and differed across cultures, races, faiths and privilege; how various governments have responded; and how the pandemic has exposed existing inequities and social problems.

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