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‘Wherever I Am Is Her Home’: A Mom & Her Daughter Navigate Eviction | Facing Eviction

26 Jul 2022
Amid the COVID pandemic, Alexys Hatcher lost her job as a manager at a shoestore, and then her home — despite a federal moratorium on evictions. Meet Hatcher and her young daughter in an excerpt from FRONTLINE and Retro Report’s documentary, “Facing Eviction.”

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“Facing Eviction,” produced with support from The WNET Group’s Chasing the Dream initiative, follows people and families across the country who struggled to remain housed as COVID upended the economy. The documentary examines how federal pandemic housing protections—including a temporary ban on evictions and a massive rent relief program—played out in the experiences of people living through this precarious time, and how parents like Hatcher (who eventually received federal rent relief that helped her secure housing) tried to maintain stability for their children in the meantime.

“She knew something wasn't right. She was expecting something was going to happen,” Hatcher said of her daughter. “But one thing she knows is, Mommy is always there; Mommy is still here. So it must be OK. You know, even though she knows her stuff is not at home. Even though she knows we're not going back there, she doesn't know we don't have a home because to her— Sorry.”

Hatcher teared up.

“To her, wherever I am is her home.”

“Facing Eviction” will premiere in full on Tuesday, July 26, 2022, at 10/9c on PBS stations (check local listings). The documentary will also be available to stream at, in the PBS Video App and here on FRONTLINE’s YouTube channel.

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